Moving home is, simultaneously, the most exciting and the most soul-destroying thing a person can do in their lifetime! Surfing estate agent websites, viewing potential houses and discussing where the sofa would go, or what colour would work in the living room, are such exciting things.  Once you’ve made an offer, and it’s been accepted, however, that’s when things start to change.  Surveys, negotiations, hours on the phone to the solicitor, and a constantly moving completion date can often send buyers into a spin!

For me, waiting in a van full of my furniture in a supermarket car park, hoping that the call would come from the estate agents before the parking ticket ran out, was so exciting.  Months of planning, of signatures, of boxing up treasured memories, now finally culminated in a quick phone call to say, ‘come and get the keys, it’s yours!’  And then a mad rush to get the bed set up, and a couple of chairs in the living room, so that we could have a cup of tea (or something stronger) surrounded by boxes in our brand-new home.  Our brand-new home!  The relief felt in that moment was incredible, even knowing that we had so much work in front of us. To help ooh-box has a range of luxury gift boxes featuring some extra special glassware for Whisky Lovers and the Gin Gift Box and Wine Lovers Gift.

We move home for so many different reasons.  The student moving to a new place for university; moving in with a partner for the first time; moving into your one bed flat in the middle of a bustling city; up-sizing to make room for tiny feet or because you need more outdoor space; (check out our gift boxes for gardeners) and downsizing when those tiny feet have grown up and found a house of their own.  So many situations with so many different emotions, it makes sense that each move is so unique to the person doing the moving.  As Dorothy said: there’s no place like home.

Moving home is a personal event for so many, but it’s a huge part of how the country keeps moving, too.  The recent events surrounding 2020 (it who must not be named) have meant the government making a ground-breaking decision to award buyers a ‘stamp duty holiday’.  This decision has allowed buyers to potentially save up to £15,000 in fees, according to the BBC.  This has resulted in an unprecedented quick recovery to the housing market.

This stamp duty holiday is set to end in March 2021, and it has allowed many to ‘make the leap’ earlier than they would have been able to.  Suddenly, these highs and lows of home buying are a lot closer for so many people.

The phrase ‘making a house a home’ is an important one.  The urge to unbox the photos, posters, and ornaments before the mugs and cutlery was strong for me, as I wanted the house to look like mine as soon as possible.  I wanted it to smell the way I wanted, I wanted to look at the walls and see my family looking back at me, and I wanted my own keyring instead of the estate agent’s cardboard one!  In the days that followed moving day, the cards, plants, and New Home gift boxes that were offered by our friends and family were such a joy.  The people I loved were now a part of my house and home.

Wishing all of you taking advantage of this time and buying your home, we wish you a stress-free and enjoyable move.  As the saying goes, home is where the story begins…

January 15, 2021 — Julie Selby